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    p>. [[Home Page]] [[Main Page|Index]] A brief [[The World that Was|history]] on the Empires prior to the [[Cataclysm]]. A brief [[The World that Is|history]] on the Empires after to the Cataclysm. The great ancient [[Empires]] of the Nacirema. …

  • The World that Was

    p>. [[Home Page]] [[Main Page|Index]] *The Great Empires:* * Aztlan/Zannad Empires where ancient in the days before the Republic of Turath, and was a place where [[Primal Human|primordial humans]] and yuan-ti worshipped [[Deities|Zehir]] or worse. …

  • The World that Is

    p>. [[Home Page]] [[Main Page|Index]] * The cataclysm forever changed the face of the world and its nations. Weather patterns and ocean currents changed, even the heavens were changed. * Arkhosia was shattered and turned into a dry, …

  • War of Ruin

    p>. [[Home Page]] [[Main Page|Index]] The final war between the Arkosian Empire and the Republic of Turath. It includes the [[Battle for Razortear]] and the [[Cataclysm]].

  • Battles

    p>. [[Home Page]] [[Main Page|Index]] [[Battle for Razortear]] [[Battle of Nine Sons]] [[Gardmore Abbey]]

  • Calendar

    p>. [[Main page|Index]] The Turath Calendar is divided into has been twelve months; each having three weeks of ten days. Five annual intercalary are added, as well as one every fourth year. The months are: |01|Duruthu|(january)| |02|Mawam|( …

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