The Turath Calendar is divided into has been twelve months; each having three weeks of ten days. Five annual intercalary are added, as well as one every fourth year.

The months are:

01 Duruthu (january)
02 Mawam (february)
03 Madin (march)
04 Bak (april
05 Vesak (may)
06 Poson (june)
07 Asela (july)
08 Nikini (august)
09 Binara (September)
10 Vap (october)
11 Lil (november)
12 Unduwap (december)

There are no names for a day of the week. You’re simply told to return in a # of days or weeks or more specifically “in Asela on the 5th day of the second week” and are written in buisness ledgers as 07/02-05/yyy, while scribes will write Asela 15, yyy.

The Five intercalary High Holy Days are added to the calendar usually to honor the gods below, but some cities will instead honor their patron god on this day instead.

  • 05/31 Corellon’s Feast
  • 07/31 Pelor’s Feast
  • 08/31 Kord’s Feast
  • 10/31 Sehanine’s Feast
  • 12/31 Raven Queen’s Feast

Ironwood honors Bane on 08/31 instead of Kord. Unexpectedly, the Raven Queen is always honored on 12/31.

One leap day is added every 4th year usually to honor Avandra, but some cities also honor their patron god on this day.

  • 04/31 Avandra’s Feast [Or another]

Years are counted positively from the creation of the Turath Calendar, and negatively from the creation. There is of course no “year 0” as there was one year before the founding (-1) followed by the first year of the Calendar (1).

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