Nacirema is a D&D 4E homebrewed campaign based on the Points of Lights tableau begun in the DMG.

Unveiling the Mists

The Age of Mortals has begun, Nacirema has been devastated in the cataclysms set off by the desperation of both the Arkhosian Empire and the Republic of Turath during the final days of the War of Ruin. To make matters worse the Nerath Empire soon fell to hordes monsters and political conflicts. The high King is dead and a covetous Duke now claims kingship.

The Nentir Valley lies secluded, far from the turmoil of crown lands, even here the countryside still reverberates from the Ages of Might and Despair. Monsters still hold dominance throughout the land, and travel beyond the horizon is fraught with peril. Contact with the crown lands and the world beyond the high mountains comes upon the treacherous King’s Road or the dodgy sea port of Caryanda. The isolated nature of the valley breeds intrigue and subterfuge; concealed adversaries and champions.

The future is known as the Age of Mists, it is here that adventurers of the various races seek to restore order to the ravished countryside, find lost items of power, and general survive. Most do not possess the perspective or fortitude that adventurers require. Many number Nacirema’s thieves, warriors, hedge-wizards and village priest, but these pale in comparison to the aptitude of adventurers.

Do you have what it takes to swear service to the Mists? Are you brave enough?

Into the Mists!

I lack the resolve!

Maps of the world and cities are located here and not on the Maps Tab above.


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