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Primal race Extinct, succeeded by the current Nerathi Human Race; preceded by the Urartu

Originally the last of a long line of primal races, the eventually became the Human race of today.

For over 1000 years, the Nerathi have ruled over the continent. First in defense against the invasions of the Republic of Turath, then in restoring peace and order, either through war or mutual treaties.

Quickly they reestablish good relations with the Qualinesti (Eladrin) and the dwarves. As their influence expanded, they proved instrumental to the halflings defense during the Trade Wars. They united with the xenophobic Silvanesti (Eladrin) to recover lands taken by the tiefling Karavakos. Eventually these acts became the foundation on which the Nerath Empire was built.

They decimated orc hoards ravaging the central kingdom, drove back incursions of drow, held back against the empirical realms of the giants, ogres, and minotaurs. They pushed back the gnolls, goblins, and kobolds into the far reaches of the wilderness.

With peace finally secured, they turned to building cities and universities. Roads and bridges were constructed to enable trade and the fast movement of troops. Academies of arcane arts were founded to study the greater mysteries. Churches of the gods grew strong and the hierarchies of the great orders would often convene in philosophical conclave to bring their goals and beliefs closer together.

It survived the cataclysm and went on for another forty years before the being utterly destroyed by the demonic White Ruin and, the Bloodspear Orc invasions.

While there is High King, few recognize his authority as it was taken by force upon the last surviving daughter of High King Elidyr I. Many still pay the high taxes demanded by “The Capital”, but only in fear of its remaining legions. The remaining cities have become more insular and do little more than fight among themselves or make treaties of blood.

Rumors persist of another daughter of High King Elidyr I, spirited away before she could be killed, and the honorable heir she produced.

[Think Spartan culture from -538 to 195]

[Think Greek culture from 195 to 495 years ago]

[Think Dark Age culture for 495 to 595 (present)]

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